Saturday, May 28, 2011

Second Meeting [Informal] of @tfcNepal at Bhrikutimandap. May 28, 2011

There were two main issues to be addressed on todays meeting held at #Bhrikutimandap
Discussion A:
@cbidhya raised an issue if we could help the people in the street who lack the basic needs to living due to their physical and/or mental disabilities lying in the streets fighting deaths. Its a vast issue to take the social responsibilities and help them to rehabilitate in the society back.
Thanks to @ishzz @AnandNepal @cbidhya @acharya14 and @friendycalls for taking part in the discussion in the draft below prepared by @cbidhya

Draft plan for TFC Nepal's project:

Idea: To support the treatment of mentally/physically disable street people.
In the hot summer they are wrapping their body with woolen sweater adding quilt and just vice versa thin cloths with some of their body part exposed in chilly cold, some are seen conversing with themselves and making laugh at oneself . Their family might be the sufferer in their absence ,or  they might be fetching them around or who knows they might add a corner in our family too. From the time immemorial we have been seeing the activities formulated to support for the street children, victims of  conflict and violence against women , handicapped and many more. But if we tend to hunt for these people then our goal to explore such organization becomes worthless. So, if TFC initiate this work then some organization might caught an eye and help further and give continuity to this project, which would definitely match up our expectation for fulfilling the ultimate goal of this project. Our little support can lead towards the happiness and those people's recovered smiles could be our assets.  Together we can bring the smile on faces. Goodluck to us.....

Q: How can we start?Proposed Plan:

1. Identify the group to support for the first phase (women , youths , old ages).

2. We have to discuss on how many numbers or handful of people can we choose at the starting level.

3. Choosing the area to implement the plan.

4. Would be easier if we will get support from the local security office to identify and fetch them such people to the hospitals. They also do have statistics of such people living in different parts of the city so we can take idea-support from them as well.

5. Working out for the hospital (the administration to which we need to convince about our mission, group, plans and all others and should ask for the co-ordination.)

6.  We have to convince the hospital administration to admit and take care of those people who are brought there by the police from our identified area. Linkage in-between the hospital administration and   local security is the most.

7. Once hospital would agree to take the admission I don't think we need to go to the hospital in daily far as I know such patients are not allowed to see visitors very often....but if anyone wants they can visit.

8. As we know mental illness is something that might/might not be cured. So we have to prepare for the failure as well. But most of the doctor said that they would be good if they will be treated well and could at least in the level to conduct their work by themselves.  For those who do have their home and family can re-unite but we have to think for those who don't have anywhere to go. So for such people we have to find out some rehabilitation center.

We (#tfcnepal) will just act as facilitator with three main bodies to support the underpriviliged people namely 1. Police personnel 2. Medical institutions 3. Rehabilitation centres. As we have positive responses from all of them, i think we can. Despite there might be a shortcoming about our legality (#tfcnepal's persistance) i feel like unity is the greatest strength of all, we might be able to describe our pure motto of humanity with the personnels too. Together We Can.
We have similar organisations helping the street people in simillar issues. Can we talk with some of these links.

We have come up with some of positive outcomes from the meeting [informal] held today, 28th May 2011 at #Bhrikutimandap. From the issues initiated by @cbidhya about offering our helps to extremely under previliged sufferee in the society lying on streets on extreme povert conditions, unfaciliated by very normal necessities of a common living, and/or deprived from the basic medical facilities and being suffered by extreme natural conditions and seeking for minimal human requirements.  We will not be seeking the subjects, while will be taking in considerations of such case especially focused on young street children, who have not yet been offered by any means of helping hands over them. We will be preliminarily surveying for sampling of such one or two cases in the first stage as to initiate our step towards it. We'll be very much cautious in choosing the cases as for no any subjects who have already been proved a betrayal from such offers of rehabilitating them in some centres, as there have been such cases of runaway for freedom. For this @acharya14 as being a medical officer will be summarizing the data of such cases. And with his personal contacts with police personnels around his workplace, we have chosen Sanepa area for the initiation of the deed. It is noted that, if we find the initiative as something verymuch beyond our limits to rehabilitate such subjects, we'll be bound to abandon the initiative. This is to say that we'll not be continuing the support in the same cause. For this @cbidhya has personally deposited NRs 5000 to #tfcNepal's account and has promised to work for it self voluntarily, which is indeed a very positive initiative. We, tfcNepal are proud to have such member dedicated for the society up-fitments and we are dedicated for it.

Discussion B:
The next issue of publishing the official T-shirt of #tfcNepal was discussed on the meeting, for which we have concluded to print the official T-shirts, and providing it to the interested members with certain fees which if exceed the printing cost will be transferred to the tfcNepal's account. The print design will be published soon and colour should be choosen within some 2-3 alternatives. So, members who are interested to buy one, are requested to send a DM to @tfcNepal, so that we can be prepared with the number of T-shirts to be printed. 
Attendence Please :

Thank you all for your valuable suggestions regarding the discussions. Together We Can, Lets be equally involved :))
Happy tweeting :))
-tfcNepal, 2011 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Second mission of @tfcnepal #Mission2 at #DRCNepal

We tweet for cause to bring smile on the faces[including faces of ours :))]

As planned earlier, We gathered at DRC, Nepal exactly at 1 PM at Gokarna, Kathmandu to extend a bit of helping hands to the organisation.

Lets talk about what we have brought for you little people :))

Saturday, May 14, 2011

An aid to Disabled Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Nepal #Mission2 @tfcnepal

Disabled Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) Nepal, located at Gokarna-1, Jorpati, Kathmandu is a voluntarily run non-profit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) which looks after physically challanged children for the betterment of their lives from various backgrounds. Presently it has 55 differently-able children of age 5 to 19 years. It works for the childrens' livelihood  in different aspects of their development by providing a family atmosphere, healthcare and education.  It also uses its resources however possible to improve the lifestyles of children and help them become self reliant for a better living in future.

It explains its motive as rehabilitation, reintigration and respect for differently-able children or/and supporting the lives of children from extreme deprived groups despite of any religion, caste or sex.  Children at DRC Nepal are presently studying at various schools nearby and doing well in their studies. 17 children from the Centre gain their education from Khagendra Nawa Jiwan Kendra, a school dedicated to the future enlightment by providing quality education to the physically impaired children. DRC Nepal also provides regular health services to the needy children with co-ordination with various other social workers/organisations.  

Regarding the fund being raised for the regular continuation of the daily activities, Chhering Sherpa (working for DRC Nepal since last 4 years ) explains, we regularly conduct door to door funds collection programme and feed our children. Besides some of foreign volunteer students pay and work for us and Rotary Club, Nepal helps us regarding the health services. Some of the personal donors visit us and donate as per their wills. However, the funds  and stuffs we collect are being partly enough for us, as of extreme price hikes in the market.

tfcnepal decided to pour its logistic supports to DRC Nepal for the second mission #Mission2 as all our motives and their requirements are exactly similar as per our proposal. So, this Saturday, 21st May,2011 we, all the members of @tfcnepal are gathering at DRC Nepal, Gokarna to support them with the greatest helping hands we can offer.

Venue: Disabled Rehabilitation Centre(DRC)  Nepal, Gokarna-1, Kathmandu
Date : 21st May, 2011 on Saturday
Time : 1 PM (Sharp )
You can view a google map here 

@tfcnepal will be donating the regular food stuffs and other general households things as we have noted some of them.

How can I be a part of the donation individually ?
You can  offer your outfits (clothes which do not fit you), stationaries, books and storybooks (which is already used and its of less importance to you), magazines (you think is fruitful to the children). And if you are a computer professional, you can certainly maintain some computers which are malfunctioning. (softwares problems)

So #members lets gather and help children to bring smile in their faces, this is what we are committed for.
Happy tweeting :) 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reminiscence of the Second Meeting of @tfcnepal #Meeting2 #Minuting

Date: 07th May , 2011

We are very much excited by the overwhelming presence and support for us, which we noticed on the meeting held today at Bhrikurtimandap. Despite the change in the scheduled meeting in late hours (was preponded than scheduled), we were surprised to see most of our members, who managed to be there just exactly on time at the venue which proved we are really very eager to change the so called Nepali trend. We praise your sanity and eagerness to help people to bring smile on their faces.

The meeting included basically the following agendas:

1) Gathering for memebers' recognation ( a friendly off-web environment)
2) Describing our motives and discussions on our efforts so far. 
3) Sharing ideas on the orphanage/elderly homes around our community where we could extend our helping hands in the forthcoming missions.
4)  Discussing on the account summary of the funds collected and expensed till now.
5) Fund Collection from members.

After the discussions on the agendas, we are excited with the increasing presence of enthusiastic members to help the underprivileged groups around our surroundings. We discussed on the #Mission1 which we offered our donations we collected to Pabitra Samaj Sewa (#PSS) Nepal on 23rd April, 2011. We concluded that our first ever mission was a grand success, we were certainly able to bring smile on the faces.  

We also asked #members to locate and  identify the real needy organisations or people contributing their lives for the betterment of the deprived groups. And, we firmly suggest you all #members to share ideas of such orphanage/elderly homes around your community, if may be able to extend our helping hands to them in the missions to come.

As the financial part plays a key role for the better running of any organisations/body, thus being a loose group, we shared all the true financial statements of @tfcnepal yet till May 6, 2011 for clarifications. You can see the financial data here.

We were able to collect NRs 8,800.00 today at the venue. You can see the donors' list here. We are very much thankful to all the donor members for their enthusiasm and support. Further financial records shall be produced in the meetings yet to come.

Since, there was a non-political youth initiated programme to raise the voices to warn the constitution assembly's members to produce the constitution in the allocated time, we then decided to rush towards #Maitighar to unite our voices on the same. We reached there with full excitements to support the cause, we sang slogans 'We want सम्बिधान'. We discussed there with the CA member Sunilbabu Panta about the ongoing political hindrances to oppose the constitution making, and the better ways to overcome the ongoing halts. We were extremely satisfied being a part of the programme organised by #nepalunites. Overall we really had a great day and returned with bright smiles on our faces.  

Presence :

Thank you all for making day a memorable one :)

Note : We are facing some sort of problems in managing your notations because of the trend of changing the twitter handles. Please do try to stay in the same twitter handles as you are using one. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revised :: Notice for upcoming meeting of @tfcnepal

Note : 1) Since, there is a non-political youth initiative programme at Maitighar starting from 3 PM, on saturday 7th May, we wish to join hands with the youths for a non-political reason. So, there has been a slight change in the time of @tfcnepal meeting which will be at 1 PM sharp at Bhrikutimandap.
 2) Those who get difficulties in finding the exact location of the meeting shall DM @tfcnepal to get further informations.

All members of @tfcnepal who are in the Kathmandu Valley (or outside Ktm valley who can manage time ) are requested to gather at the following venue and timefor a meeting to be held to discuss on the following agendas.
Agendas :
1)      Tweetpals' meet and general introduction to the new members
2)      Sharing Ideas and discussions on what fields can we(@tfcnepal) work for.
3)      Uptodate records presentation of financial data of @tfcnepal
4)      Fund Collection
Venue :
Bhrikuti Mandap Chaur(Infront of Bouddha Vishwabidhyalaya, Public Relation Center)
 Exhibition Road, Kathmandu
Time : Sharp 1:00 Pm

We'll be discussing on your ideas. If you have seen any orphanage homes or Elderly Centres around your community, do collect some ideas about them and we can share ideas however we can help them and bring smile on their faces.
Your presence at the venue is highly appreciable.

Thank you. 

@tfcnepal को बैठक बस्ने बारे सूचना !!

यहि आउँदो बैशाख २४ गते शनिबारका दिन मध्यान्न १ बजे प्रदर्शनी मार्ग स्थित भृकुटीमण्डपको खुल्ला चौरमा हामी तलका उल्लेखित बुँदाहरु बारे छलफल गर्न बैठक बस्दैछौँ |

बुँदाहरु :
१)      ट्वीटरका साथिहरुको प्रत्यक्ष भेटघाट र चिनापर्ची
२)      हामी (tfcnepal) ले आफ्नो सहयोग के कस्तो र कसलाई गर्न सक्छौं आफ्ना विचार पेश गर्ने र सोको छलफल गर्ने 
३)      अहिले सम्मको आर्थिक कारोबारको सम्पूर्ण जानकारी सबै सदस्यहरुलाई गराउने
४)      रकम संकलन
सो समयमा हामी हाम्रा छेउछाउमा भएका / हामीले  देखेका बालकल्याण वा बृद्धबृद्धाहरुको सेवामा अहोरात्र खटिएका संस्था/मानिस कोहि छन् भने त्यहाँको बारेमा केहि जानकारी लिएर उपस्थित होऔं र सो मा हामीले केहि सहयोग गर्न सक्छौं कि भनेर सल्लाह गरौँ |
यहाँको उपस्थिति प्रर्थनिय छ |
धन्यबाद !