Sunday, March 24, 2013

Second Anniversary #tfcNepal #Mission9

#tfcNepal – a loose group in twitter dedicated purely to serve under-privileged, biased and discarded community within our society for their livelihood and education. 

Happy Second Anniversary #tfcCake

#tfcNepal celebrated its second anniversary today at the premises of Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan (SSS), Bhatkepati, Kirtipur with 7 HIV infected children brought from the very rural villages in Nepal. Despite that the resident students in the organization being a total number of 10, we interacted with only 7 children of varying age group of 3 to 11.  They are very much obliged to Thulo sir (Elder sir) Mr. Raj Kumar Pun and Thulo Miss (Elder Miss) Mrs. Uma Gurung.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Invitation: Celebrating 2nd anniversary [#mission9] of #tfcNepal in Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan

From the beginning of our formation we have been continuously working to bring smiles on the faces of under privieleged and deprived groups especially children around our community and till date we have accomplished eight missions.

And this Sunday [March 24, 2013; Chaitra 11, 2069] we are attempting our two years of 'Tweeting For Cause'. So we are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary [#mission9] with the children of Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan (#SSS), Kirtipur.

Saphalta HIV Shikshya Sadan

Saphalta HIV Shiksha Sadan (#SSS) located at Bhatkepati, Kirtipur is one of its kind which works for the rehabilitation of the HIV infected children around the country and help them just not to prolong their lifespan but also to motivate them to live with precious smiles.