1) What is @tfcnepal ? 

Tweet for Cause – Nepal (@tfcNepal) is a loose network of twitter users enthusiastic enough to donate from their pocket for social initiatives to fulfill it’s only motive: bringing smiles in the faces of people.

2) How can we bring smiles on the faces? 

@tfcnepal conducts various field visit to groups / institutions / communities to extend supporting hands to underprivileged and deprived people (called Mission). All those interested are invited to attend the Missions where the participants contribute whatsoever they can to donate to the group / institution / community being visited.

Anyone can suggest groups / institution / community to support but two other members volunteer to visit to do the need assessment. After the visit, they prepare a list of their demands and during the mission, @tfcNepal buy and provide goods. @tfcNepal do not normally provide cash.

3) How can I know about the activities of @tfcnepal ?

Visit the blog (www.tfcnepal.com) for information on completed activities. Subscribe to our email list to participate in discussions and missions.

4) How can I be a member of @tfcnepal ? 

 There is no formal membership but you can follow @tfcNepal and join the mailing list if you want to join the network.

5) In which fields does @tfcnepal work? 

@tfcNepal works for the brining smiles on the faces of people – especially those from underprivileged and deprived groups around our community.

6) How can I donate to @tfcnepal ? 

Please join our missions to donate. If you can’t join yourself, you can ask your friends or family members or others to join and provide the donation.

7) Does @tfcNepal has a bank account ? 

Principally, @tfcNepal doesn’t hold cash. Sometimes, if the donation collected during a mission are more than required, then someone of the participants volunteer to hold the cash until next mission.

8) How much can I donate ? 

It’s up to you. We have donations ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 15,000. As per the records, most of the members donate Rs. 500 at the mission, but anything is completely okay.

9) Will my donation reach the targeted groups ?

@tfcnepal guarantees that each and every penny you deposited reaches to the targeted groups. The cost of participation in mission, such as food or water or travel, is completely contributed by the participants. We require your participation in the mission so you can see it yourself.

10) Who are the people behind this concept of @tfcnepal ? 

@tfcNepal is a social media initiative without formal structure. Four of Twitter users came up with the idea, and it’s possible because of each and everyone who have contributed to its causes. As a need of a platform to share our opinions views and solutions regarding bringing smiles in the faces, we came out with an idea of establising a platform where we don't only share our recent issues and gossips but also a social venue if we can bring smiles in the faces of some deprived societies around us.

All of us are the volunteers of the group and we share ideas on how can we bring smiles in the faces.