Saturday, August 24, 2013

#Mission12 at Kalopul

Today we conducted a mission at #Kalopul where some 6 infant to toddlers were being raised by Mr. Tola Bal, 45. He has been looking after and educating the children from various parts of remote Nepal. Solely he is a Pasteur in a nearby church and despite of his low economic conditions, he has high hopes for the future of those children.

We could not notify all our valued tfcians about this mission as the target group was very much in need of the donations and their needs were not much too.

Please find the account details here.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Attendees : @ma_jujuman @fluctuating @anantabrt @jaw_knock @saroose @nilambar @kakabaa @bhaskargyawali @ishzz @mayouree @friendycalls and some other non twitter users.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

#Mission11 at JDUAC

Today we successfully conducted #Mission11 at Joint Disabled Unity Awaz Center (JDUAC). Mr. Til Bahadur Karki, Chairman of JDUAC was very happy to receive the donation we handed over. Thank you all for your kind support, without you all this would not have been a success.

Donation Rason and Stationery with @tfcians 

38 children residing under JDUAC rounded up to hear us

A close up

Dance session with children

Symbolic handover from one of @tfcians

Group photo of attendees 

For more details about JDUAC, please refer to our previous blog post.

The financial records of #tfcNepal including the expenses for this mission can be found out here.

Thank you for your continuous support to us.

Keep tweeting. 

Attendees : @ishzz @someshverma @ujjwalacharya @bikalpag @bnukoirala @saroose @sakpl @fluctuating @jaw_knock @sushmite @freaktraveller @ila_Rocks @pryncessme @friendycalls and Anju Pun. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

An invitation for #Mission11 at JDUAC

Dear all,

This is to notify you all and an invitation for #Mission11 going to be held at Joint Disabled Unity Awaz Center (JDUAC) at Chapali height, Chapali VDC. The donation handover programme will held 1 PM on wards on  26th Shrawan, 2070 (10th August,2013).

Also to notify all the nature lovers that #Hiking will take place on the same date as agreed upon by some of our friends. Hiking starts at 8:00 AM sharp from Sundarijal, targeted to reach Chapali by 1 PM at the venue of #Mission11. For details about hiking please talk to our friends Indra, Prakash or Subash.

For any inconvenience regarding the direction to the venue of mission, please DM our friends Pramod, Janak, Ishwar or Hari.

Also, We request you to come up with your unused outfits, children story books, stationery, course books for children up to class 9 or whatever you think is useful for them.
Please refer to our earlier post for detail information regarding JDUAC or know a bit about them here in Nepali