Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#Mission10 Food for Children campaign for #BaalMandir Naxal

Tweet for Cause Nepal (@tfcNepal), a loose network of Nepali Twitter users that aims to bring smiles on the faces of deprived and underprivileged people, organized its #mission10 to support feeding of the orphans at the Naxal Balmandir.

#Mission10 became the most encouraging one as we were successful in raising Rs. 190,210.00 (in words : One hundred ninety thousand two hundred and ten rupees only) in a couple of days after announcement of the fundraising gathering in Kathmandu. The fundraising gathering was promoted by a news published in Nagarik daily stating that the Balmandir is struggling with financial crunch and that they are even unable to properly feed the toddlers.

On May 13, more than 80 Nepalis attended the fundraising gathering that raised Rs. 64,003. Help Nepal Network, the largest charitable network of Nepalis with slogan "One Dollar a Month Fund for Nepal" and run on a fully voluntary basis, supported our endeavor by announcing that they would match the amount.

More support poured in through bank transfer, friend’s hand and other ways, as the total charity collected reached Rs. 190,210.00 (at the time this blog is written).

On May 14, tfcNepal members went to Naxal Balmandir to handover the first installment of the support that included children’s food and other utensils worth Rs. 46,600. Director of the Balmadir Ramesh Bhumi, general secretary Krishna Shah and other officials/staffs at the Balmandir received the support in presence of the children.

Pic : A group photo after the donation handover programme at #Naxal #BaalMandir

We are working out with Balmandir officials to finalize the stuffs we will provide in next installments.

Some encouraging facts about #mission10:
·         Chij Kumar Shrestha, a board member of Nepal Children Association that runs the Balmandir, was so impressed by our initiative that he sent Rs. 10,000 for the charity.
·          Father of Aayush Budhathoki, professionally a driver, who arrived Balmandir to supply cooking gases we ordered for the Balmandir, was so impressed with deeds that he decided to donate Rs. 1,000 in the name of his son Aayush ( He did not wish to disclose his name).
·         Rabindra Mishra, a noted journalist who is also in Help Nepal Network, attended the handover ceremony in solidarity to our work.

Please find the details of the funds collected/spending here.

Thanks to all who supported us.

Happy tweeting. 

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A call for Solidarity

Having read to the most recent news about Children at Baal Mandir, Naxal We are deeply touched by the scenario thus laid on the news published in Nagarik News on 12th May, 2013. We have planned to collect the sum however possible to nourish children.

Imagine your kid struggling to get fed !! Is not it a cruelty to let kids starve ??
Show your sanity and donate any sum you wish to help those kids smile with belly tight. Lets donate !!

Pic : Children at Bal Griha, Naxal

We are gathering tomorrow @ 13th May, 2013 at Dharahara premises to collect your kind support.
Be there @ 5:00

Lets not wait until its done, take some responsibility towards our society to DO something positive.

Bring the Change, be there !!

God Bless All.