Saturday, May 26, 2012

#Mission6 successfully done in Hetauda.

Like Mother Teresa said “We can not all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”. Yes, We, tfcNepal do little things for greater happiness.

It was the second time, tfcNepal had organized the mission outside Kathmandu. All five mission [including one outside Kathmandu, in Gaighat] were successfully done with continual supports and co-operation from all our friends from real and virtual world. As tfcNepal is always committed to bring smiles on every needy faces irrespective of barriers. On this occasion as well we got the oppportunity to go beyond Kathmandu to aid a bit to bring smile on the faces.
Mission6 Venue: Ashaya Baal Griha, Sanopokhara, Hetauda-5.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#Mission6: Distribution of Stationary materials to Ashaya Bal-Griha, Hetauda.

On Baisakh 30, tfcNepal meeting was held at Yalamayakendra, Patan where the main agenda was upcoming #mission6. The following decisions were made in the meeting regarding mission6.

1. The mission will be conducted in Ashaya Bal-Griha, Sanopokhara, Hetauda-5 on Jestha 06 [May 19, 2012]. Its an orphanage home run by two individuals, where more than 20 school going children are being fed and well-educated in Ananada Marga School.

2. The representatives of tfcnepal will move to Hetauda via Tata Sumo on May 18 evening or May 19 early morning [If bandha doesnot persist]. Even if we couldnot go Heatuda, we have handful of tfc-ians there who will conduct the mission.

3. The interested participants who wants to go Hetauda have to inform their name by Thursday evening [May 17]. Interested tfc-ains, can mention @kakabaa @sigdelumesh or @furious_rav.

4. The participants who will be going to Hetauda have to bear all their expenses [travel & accomodation] on their own and no fund from tfcNepal will be provided to any participants. Its totally a voluntary work

Our primary aid will include a complete set of stationary materials [ School bags Text books, Reference books, copies, pencils/pens, erasers etc]