Saturday, July 27, 2013

#Mission11 at JDUAC, can we make it ?

What else can be expected from a kid who begs for living? Answers could vary. However, the story we reveal here is unexpected.

Mr. Til Bahadur Karki 40, a physically challenged individual has been a source of inspiration to many. Mr. Karki’s mother was forced to leave her hometown just because Mr. Karki was born disabled. He was then brought to Kathmandu by her mother and later on had no option but to beg for his life. He became a beggar and continued begging for more than 20 years around Pashupatinath temple. He had a keen sight and huge determination that he saved all his begging and collected them in a hole dug nearby in Mrigasthali Jungle.

Mr. Til Bahadur Karki, Founder JDUAC

After 20 long years, he along with the help of police and other people gathered and accumulated to a whole sum of NRs 5 lacs, from which he thought of establishing a foster care home for helpless children in Kathmandu. He explained, ‘I could have saved much more, but the currency notes which I collected were rotten during such long periods inside the earth’.

Mr. Karki is now father to 38 children of age 1 to 15 years. He said, children are from various remote districts of Nepal including Kailali, Jumla, Baitadi and more. He has three categories of children there. 5 children belong to the family whose one or both of the parents are jailed, 3 are physically challenged (differently abled) and the rest 30 are orphans who have lost their parents due to 12 years long insurgency in the country and otherwise.

Namelist of Children at JDUAC

Mr. Karki still begs, but the purpose has now changed. He then used to beg for his life and now begs for the lives and education of those 38 children. He has established a Center for them and named “Joint Disabled UnityAwaz Center (JDUAC). Children live there as a good family and are studying in two nearby schools.
The problem JDUAC is now facing are to run the daily lifestyle of children now. They lack rason to eat, shoes and slippers to wear, stationery to study and moreover fees to pay to the school and house rent too. They lack almost everything, however this is what we have planned for next #Mission11.

A child at JDUAC

They live in a land of 23 Ana, enough space for cattle grazing. To start with, what we’ve planned is to donate them at most 5 kids (baby goats) along with a mother goat. This will assist their lifestyle much. With the funds remaining we can make a small shade for the goats, buy some stationery and shoes for them. We would also like to ask you to spread your hands regarding the donation of your unused outfits/clothes and your children’s books and stationery if you have any. We most probably will be conducting #Mission11 on 26th Shrawan, 2070 (10th August, 2013). We together can offer our labor efforts on the same day to beautify their garden.

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PS : We have had conducted a mission with them previously too. They have now changed their home to Chapali with a different name.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Safalta HIV Shikshya Sadan (SSS) Revisited

Three months ago, when we celebrated our second birthday  we found 10 HIV infected children being raised by Safalta HIV Shikshya Sadan (SSS), now the number of children living there have grown to 15 and soon some more will be added. Their home has now shifted to a nearby newly constructed building, which is not yet completed (as in picture below). They have rented this new home at NRs 20,000 per month. 

New building of Saphalta Shikshya Sadan (SSS), Kirtipur

Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit when visited SSS during the last mission promised to do whatever he could to uplift childrens' lifestyle and as per his thoughts he promised to pay the yearly salary of teachers teaching those children. There are three full timer teachers at SSS whose monthly collective salaries come up to NRs 10,000 per month, yearly salary summing to NRs 120,000.00

Sameer along with his wife Dr. Lonim Prasai Dixit provided a cheque of NRs 30,000.00 to us as the first installment which we handed over to the teachers today. Children along with the teachers there were so much pleased to know the news that they kept on thanking all of us and especially Mr and Mrs Dixit until we left. 

tfcians @ishzz and @jaw_knock handed over the amount to the teacher 

Children at SSS

Children there are so disciplined and well mannered that anyone visiting them for the first time remains amazed. Children have got  far better lives, they have grown healthier now. Dutta Ram Rai, a volunteer teacher explained that some of the newcomers need some medical treatments which he has been providing . One of the children among 15, who is seriously ill has been undergoing medication in Teaching Hospital, he said. 

Happy faces 

TFCNepal duly thanks Mr. and Mrs. Dixit.  

God bless all. 

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*Remaining installments will be handed over to SSS upon later times and pictures will be updated on this very post.