Thursday, May 15, 2014

Donation Handover via Educating Nepal (EN) #Mission14

On May 14, 2014, to mark Buddha Jayanti, We conducted a donation handover programme to a school at remote village in Bhotsippa - 09, Majhigaaun in Sindhupalchowk district established and maintained by youths involved in Educating Nepal (EN). We managed to donate few of the following donations which we named it #Mission14 We would like to thank you all the regular donors and the following donations received on spot as mentioned below. 

Donations :
1. Mr. Ngawang Yonten Gyatso Sherpa            :         NRs 53,314.00
2. Santosh Pokharel                                          :         NRs 1000.00
3. 100 School Bags bought from deposits in our account : NRs 22,900.00
4. Sudip Khatiwada (Copies)                           :          NRs 5,760.00
5. Nirajan Simkhada (Children Books)             :          NRs 2078.00
                                                                      Total : worth NRs 85,152.00


The cash donation will be utilized to build the school building for the school which will be later run by the local resources thereafter, a youth volunteer in EN, Mr. Aashish Ghimire explained. Youths at EN are working to their level best to teach children at remote Majhi Gaaun. You can also help their noble efforts by helping them in any means including 'sponsor a smile'  

Donation Handover

A group photo

Thank you all kind hearts for making us proud. 

Happy Tweeting. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Final sum handed-over

Today, We along with Mr. Sameer Mani Dixit went to Saphalta Shikshya Sadan (SSS) to handover the final amount of NRs 1,20,000 committed to pay for the teachers' salary teaching at SSS for a year. This was the fourth trimester's amount NRs 30,000 payment scheme.

Mr. Dixit handing over the cheque to Mr. Rai

It is so good to see that Mr. Raj Kumar Rai and Uma Gurung's dream of creating a better home for HIV infected children have been transformed so well and is doing great towards achieving their dream. They have now begun the construction of school rooms made of bamboo in the near by land. Mr. Rai also explained that they will be teaching underprivileged children from nearby communities if they wish to study in their school, all free of cost. Hats off to the inspiration he carries on.

Mr. Raj Kumar Rai, founder chairman, SSS

We again would like to thank Mr. Sameer M. Dixit and Mrs. Lonim P. Dixit for supporting SSS for a year regarding the salary to the teachers there. You have been a true inspiration to people willing to support their societies however they can.
Please find details of the donation to SSS by Mr. Dixit here.

Thank you very much.

Happy Tweeting.