Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Programme of @tfcnepal at #PSS Nepal #Mission1

Pabitra Samaj Sewa (#PSS) Nepal, as the name suggests, is one of those holy service organisations in Nepal working solely for the welfare of the unprivileged/deprived groups of children and Elderly Citizens of Nepal. Dikchhya Chapagain, founder of #PSS Nepal ,an unmarried attractive youth holds the proud title of a successful Mom for her great devotion and dedication towards the continuous care and educating the orphans from different communities. It is merely a belief as general presume that an unmarried, beautiful lady with all her necessities being fulfilled, can act as a mother of several deprived and under privileged children around the community. Dikchhya holds the position of the same and has been a model being a Sincere human being committed only for the upliftment of the lifestyles and brightening the futures of unfortunate children. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A preliminary visit to Pabitra Sewa Samaj (PSS) Nepal, Basundhara

For the #tfcnepal first donation, we were in search of a destination where the amount we collected from our tweet counts could be a help to the needy ones/deprived groups or the orphanage /elderly homes around Kathmandu Valley. We the members of @tfcnepal had a preliminary survey of Pabitra Sewa Samaj(PSS) Nepal, located at Basundhara near Triyog School. We were there to know their needs and whether our motto matches the support we were planing for or not. Whom We met was Ms Dikchhya Chapagai , Chairman/Founder of PSS. A young and dedicated Woman whose life has been devoted to maintain the Fates of various street children from various categories.

There were 22 members altogether being fed and educated by PSS. Dikchhya has been working in this field since her childhood. She explains, the PSS has been running in the school building donated by a Public School nearby and else nothing governmental approches has been heard so far, but the personal helps are the major source of economy to feed those deprived group of children. She further explains, "I have a United States' Visa posted on my Passport but from the moment I wake up till I go to bed, I don't have any other intensions behind uplifting the lifestyles of those children and handing over them their bright future. Nothing else matters but she is fully concerned with the continuous support to aid happiness to the faces of those children.
Children there have common surnames and DOB, we heard everyone there being called by different names but the common surnames. For this she explains, all these my children are sons and daughters of the holy land Nepal, so I basically call them all with their common surnames Nepal. And regarding DOB, she says, since a day in a year could be a momento in every childrens' life, I explain them with their birth dates as Baisakh 01 and celebrate birthdays every year.  Further she tells, Seeing children from deprived groups and communities I couldn't resist their situations and collected them from streets to this orphanage home and give them a new identity for their bright future. This PSS is now under the hands of personal donors and we collect whatever donated by them and use up as the daily use materials.

Amazing to know but all the 21 children (1 elderly granny) living under the shades of PSS were distinction holders and marks above 90% :O (quite impressive). We asked them with their motto in life, the answers we got from most of them was a Social Worker, besides Doctor, Model, Singer and Dancer. See them dancing for usDancers  The nearby governmental school where they study has privileged them with a bit schoolarship programmes but they are not having their studies at free of cost. Dikchhya said ' for the previous year, I got a donor who donated the sum of money for whole year to all the students and I am hopeful I'll get one this year too.' The children were worried about the academic sessions would start very soon and we lack proper books to read and copies to write. We explained, May be we can be a help this time..... Dikchhya smiles :)

We further asked, what are your requirements, if we could meet your demands that are very much essential. She explained, We have a stock of Paddy to feed but we lack Edible oil, Biscuits, Noodles, Beaten Rice, Kitchen Utensils (plates, spoons, cups), Slippers, Toothpastes, Toothbrushes, Stationaries (Copies, Pencils, Erasers, Sharpeners), Soaps (Bathing, Cleaning) thats all. Personally @friendycalls donated some Noodles and Juice to the PSS Nepal. 

We are too much hopeful that we can be a great help to them this time .... What do you say members... please drop in your views.

If you are really interested in doing something for them, you can certainly bring smiles in their faces by donating your unused stuffs, outfits, books, copies and whatever you wish. You can bring them with yourselves this saturday, 23rd April, 2011 at the Pavitra Sewa Samaj (PSS) Nepal, Basundhara (Near Triyog H.S. School and hand it over to Ms. Dikchhya Chapagai. Your every donations counts in here...... Thanking you all for your great support.
To get the directions to #PSS Nepal Way to #PSS NEPAL

Monday, April 11, 2011

Facts of First Assembly of @tfcnepal at Bhrikuti Mandap

In the first ever #tfcnepal meeting held on 9th April, 2011 #Bhrikutimandap, Niraj Acharya @niraj_1974, Aakar (Anil Ghimire) @aakarpost, Pramod Neupane @friendycalls, Ishwor Kafle @ishzz, Nilambar Sharma @nilambar, Saroj Babu Tiwari @sarojtiwari, Mukunda Nepal @hellomuku, Saroj Koirala @saroose, Janak Raj Bhatta @jawn_ake, Santosh Dahal @santosh_dahal, Prabin Regmi @regmibabu, Sailesh Sharma @sailesh_sh, Yadav Bhattarai @yadavbhattarai, Braj dahal, @nepaldiary, Anbika Giri @anbika were present inspite of their busy schedule for the first ever meeting to discuss the plans and policies and the concerns regarding the smooth running of #tfcnepal, a mission to bring smile in the faces.

We concluded tfcnepal to be called as a closed group of enthusiastic twitter friends who are dedicated to workout in the deprived groups around our community and help them to bring smiles on their faces. We thereby will be acting as a non-governmental (non-registered in the governmental records). We'll be working voluntarily for the sake of our own satisfaction and tfcnepal will thus be a non-profit motive closed group and its every works shall be official by the discussions within the members and will imply on the positive responses from the majority of the active members.And in view of these considerations it was decided in our management meeting to think and work in the direction of upgrading our motive to higher level.

The fund collection is not a compulsion to all the members, still those who are willing to donate a bit of their manageable amounts, that is very much appreciable and the money thus collected shall be utilized for the sake of those needy/deprived group of community where our helps can really be counted. You can view the lists of the donors for fund collection here List of people    Donors of #tfcNepal

A very nice initiative was undertaken to gather up whatever we feel are not useful for us, but can be a better gift to the needy ones solely too which can collectively be a major gift too. Eg : I own a CRT desktop monitor which has already been replaced by a LCD monitor and the monitor shall now be used nowhere, there's space problem in managing the stuff and selling it to the recondition houses is the worst idea of all (as its been outdated and no-one has interests in it). We can use those stuffs to donate to the schools where computer is still a worthy material.

Biggest of all, in the name of tfcNepal meeting, we came to know few really nice people from diverse field, banker to blogger, microbiologists to MBA, civil engineer to industrial engineer etc, in person, whom we were talking only in twitter. We can have different ideas and lets make tfcnepal a platform for sharing our views regarding various issues and lets see if we can do anything regarding what we are supposed to do.

All the participants in the programme were happy enough to be participated in a gang of enthusiastic social workers who believe that we can certainly make our society prosperous and can bring happiness in the faces. Above all we came to meet different.

We can do it as we are committed to it. Lets share ideas in which fields we can initiate works. We can also collaborate with any similar organisations working with similar motives, after all working for prosperity and happiness is what we believe. Do drop in your views and suggestions regarding the discussions and motives of tfcnepal in the DM or you can simply mention @tfcnepal in your tweets.

Lets bring smiles in the faces........

Your co-operation in this respect will be very much appreciated.
Thanking you all followers of @tfcNepal

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Assembly of @tfcnepal at Bhrikuti Mandap

tfcnepal is organizing the first ever meet of all its members at the following venue and time. It is to notify all the members of tfcnepal to be a part of it and cast in your valuable votes of supports to the organisation and guide us by your suggestions. We are also planing a donation programme in very near future and if we will be able to collect some funds as per our tweet counts, we would be very much privileged to bring smiles on some faces.... We can discuss in which fields we can work together. Lets do something for the sake of own eternal happiness. Be there......

Agendas :
1) We use twitter very often, lets use it for a cause. Lets go through our proposal and discuss however can we help our surrounding Smile.
2) We are so close with each other via twitter, lets know each other  face to face in the platform provided by tfcnepal as we are from diverse fields, lets share our views,opinions how can we work together for progress and help the needy ones.
3) Donate and Collect some money as per our tweet counts and use it for some beneficial outcomes.
4)  The modality

Venue : Bhrikutimandap Premises (Lawn/Tea shops nearby) {as we are lacking some proper spaces for accomodation}
Date : April 09, 2010
Time : sharp 3:00 PM

For the followers who are abroad or outside the valley, we shall come out with a concrete module 'how can we be in touch financially' after the meeting. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tweet For Cause- Where charity begins with your single tweet.

  1. Introduction

Twitter has been a powerful medium in the era of social network. Specially the common agendas, frustration, happiness and almost every moment of life, is today shared among the strangers or may be the people from different end of the world through twitter. Tweeting has been a symbol of being social and friendly in this era of virtualism and ultimately been able to create a solid physical intimacy among the strangers.
Hence a group of tweeples have come up with a strong mission to  make this intimacy worthful specially towards a society. The common question that has been arised in the mind of these tweeples was ‘this nation has given us an opportunity to see and communicate with the world, so isn’t it our duty to payback the debt of the nation’. Hence the mission ‘tweet for cause’ has been started with a view to transform the social networking into some serious social welfare.

  1. About the mission

The soaring popularity of twitter can be now cashed into some more productive action and for this we have come up with a mission called ‘tweet for cause’. We have been tweeting the frustration of politics, poverty of people, the hungriness of street children, the loneliness of senior people. Now the time has come to transform our freedom of speech into the duty towards nation. Hence every time we tweet we tweet for social cause is what we aimed and will do through this project. The only achievement through this mission will be count ‘if we are able to bring smile on every faces through our tweets’.

  1. Objective of the mission       

The tagline of this mission will be to bring smiles on faces through this twitter. To achieve this mission, we will have to work on the following as our objective.
  1. To create a fund where the people will donate amount and the fund will be created as ‘tweet for cause’ fund
  2. To support the special deprived group specially according to ages, caste and economy
  3. To utilize the fund in social work with collaboration from other big INGOs
  4. To ultimately make this mission nationwide and pressurize the responsible parties that we people are actively participating in social development why not you?
  5. And ultimately to bring smile on the faces

  1. How it will work
  1. Regarding the functional module of the mission, a fund will be created which will be named as ‘tweet for cause’
  2. At starting phase NRS.1000 will be contributed by the founding members in the fund
  3. A separate twitter account will be created under the name of ‘tweet for cause’ with twitter id @tfcNepal
  4. The members who would like to join this mission will have to follow this account
  5. Our technical expert will then monitor the number of tweet done by the following members
  6. The following members will have to contribute at 20 paisa (Nepali rupees) per tweet. For example if the members have 1000 tweets, then they will be contributing 1000 x 0.20 paisa= 200 NPR in the fund.
  7. After the initial contribution the fund will be collected every month
  8. A account of each followers will be kept and the fund will be collected from 25-29 English date of every three month
  9. That account will be transparent for all the followers so that they can check whether their tweets is being counted accurately or not.
  10. The collected fund will be used in different sectors (defined in point no. 5) with the involvement of every follower as far as possible on the 1st Saturday after the 29th date of the month. (It means if the Saturday is on 03 April next to 29 March, then the program will be held on that day)
  1. Target Groups    
Initially tweet for cause will target the following groups. Besides these deprived group, the suggestion from followers on which sector to help will be welcomed. We will initially try to bring smile on the faces of:
  1. Old age homes
  2. Orphanage homes
  3. Street children
  4. Government Schools
  5. Libraries
After the initial efforts to bring smile on these faces, we will try to collaborate with other welfare organization to make this mission more nationwide and to the most remote part of Nepal
  1. Finally
So lets be the part of this mission and follow @tfcNepal and try to bring smile on every faces collaboratively!!
For details:
Email us : or follow us on twitter at, Thank you :)